A replacement for old-fashioned log books and sign-in sheets. The KIDZONE Member & Visitor Management software enables you to view in full color, identify, track and record data for every member, child, guardian and visitor that enters/exits the KIDZONE area. KIDZONE makes routine tasks just a mouse click or scan away, then electronically records the data with full color photos and time stamp for future review or use.


  • It’s a snap to capture or load KIDZONE Visitor data information. You can quickly enroll and populate the Visitor/Adult data fields by scanning the visitor’s State Drivers License.
  • Immediate Search look-up against a nationally compiled sex offender database (Nationally compiled 50 state database with photos, if activated).
  • Fingerprint scanner designed for speed and quick scans and look-ups for one print to many over a central network server or individual computer instantly.
  • Quick Finds, Look-ups, Check-ins and Check-outs by Driver License, ID Card, Barcode Scan, Fingerprint Scan, By Name Look-up, and ID Number Look-up
  • Able to “RED FLAG” individuals that are not authorized to pick-up visiting child. Program can also red flag alert court /parent ordered special circumstances and pick-up schedules.
  • Tracks custodial rights of person/parent/guardian and child.
  • Creates a color digital record including photographs of all recorded transactions, by date and time
  • Instant notification via Text Messaging of parent or guardian when child is signed in or out.
  • The Visitor Badge that is produced upon entry with photos  of  Child/Guardian or Visitor/Site Employee  with data can be scanned by a barcode reader for a quick swipe instant check-out.
  • Scalable from a single system to a network of many, multiple programmable security alerts (on screen, email, SMS), and automated online Visual Compliance/Denied Party and Sex Ofender screening.

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